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Top Fad Diets That Are Killing You

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Is Your Fad Diet Killing You?

Did you know that what your eating in your diet is not necessarily good for you? Are youFad diets on one of those fad diets? You know, the ones with empty promises of weight loss and a new looking life. Do you really think your going to lose all that was promised and actually keep it off?

Crash diets are not the answer. Nor are they a permanent solution. Instead it will be only a temporary fix and not a cure for the underlying problem.

Fad Diets Seem To Good To Be True

Remember that doctors suggest that to lose more than two pounds a week. That kind of goal will be achievable and healthy for you.

It is is wrong for any diet to promise twenty pounds in a month. Losing that weight too quickly is not healthy and you will feel depleted due to the fact that you are lacking nutrients needed by your body.

It will be hard on the will power end after a few days of that kind of diet.

Dieting Is Not About Instant Gratification

Your diet is a life change! Fad diets are fleeting moments.

Thinking smaller will not get you smaller. To lose weight in a healthy way it will be a month in month out quest of eating every 3-4 hours with fresh non-processed foods. Fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and complex carbs and fiber.

Water….hydrate yourself often through out the day…..eight 8-12 ounce cups of water.

Fad Diet Foods Are The Worst!

Zero sugar, low calories, and little too no fat that you find on those labels are foods that are loaded with chemical engineered toxins and lab manufactured flavors.

That belief that you could eat more of that stuff because of the low calories will only enhance your desire to eat more of it. More toxins and more calories.

Look at the labels. Your diet soda and pre-packaged diet meals are loaded with ingredients you can not pronounce. What is your body going to do with that crap?

You may feel your getting some where eating and drinking those ‘diet’ foods, however all studies have shown that the bad out weighs the good.

Side effects of diet soda alone include: leg cramps, obesity, and heart disease.

Fad Diets On The Google-net

Salisbury Post. The scary truth about fad diets. The bottom line here is to stay away from fad diets altogether because they are unhealthy ineffective for long-term weight loss and potentially a financial strain. If your New Year’s resolution involved weight loss and improving your health you are and more.…read on…….

Where To Now?

If you have fallen into the trap of the latest fad diet, you are not the only one. You have had millions for company in falling into this trap and paying billions of dollars for those lose weight quick offers.

You know what to do? Skip the dieting and change your life by changing your habits. Make eating healthy a lifestyle! Forget those fad diets.

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