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Tips On Pregnancy Acne Treatment

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 Pregnancy Acne Treatment Methods

Because of the hormonal changes your body goes through when pregnant, you may find yourself with a bad case of acne that reminds you of being a teen going through puberty. You most likely are looking for a pregnancy acne treatment for yourself.Pregnancy Acne

Most oral and topical medications for acne are not recommended during pregnancy, as they can cause harm to your baby.
Women who had acne problems when they were younger are more likely to have issues when pregnant. The surge of hormones also produces a surge of oil production in the body, which for some women means clogged pores and for others just means a radiant glow.
If you’re one of those women who is experiencing acne during pregnancy, there are some natural remedies and methods that work quite well to keep the breakouts at a minimum.

Best  Pregnancy Acne Treatment Ideas

Wash your Face Regularly

Wash your face at least two times a day. Use warm water and a mild antibacterial soap. This will help keep the pores open and free from the bacteria that helps acne get worse. Always wash off makeup before going to bed to keep the pores from becoming even more clogged. Avoid over-washing your face, because it can rinse away oils that are necessary for healthy skin. Another excellent tip is to stand in a very hot shower to allow the steam to open your pores before you cleanse your skin each night. You can also cover your face with a towel and hold it about a foot and a half over a pot of boiling water for about two minutes to achieve the same effect.

Use an Orange Peel Mask

Make a paste out of mashed orange peels and water and apply it to your face once a week for 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water and gently dry your face. This will help pores stay open and improve your overall skin tone and complexion.

Don’t Pop Zits!

Be sure not to pick at or pop your acne. This can not only cause infection but can also spread the bacteria, creating even more acne. There are topical creams that can be used to spot treat acne, but be sure to consult your doctor before using anything while you are pregnant. Tea tree oil and aloe vera are two natural acne treatments that are known for being safe to use while carrying your child.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is one of the keys to overall health and can help your skin as well. It has been shown that those who don’t get enough sleep have higher stress levels, and stress can make your acne worse. You’re also going to need that extra rest to get ready for your new baby!

Lifestyle Changes

Eating right and exercising are very important for the health of your new child, but they are also important in the fight against pregnancy acne.

Working out at least 30 minutes a day helps to reduce your stress level, increase blood flow and circulation, and tone skin. Almost every pregnant woman goes through periods where they crave certain foods that are bad for them, but as long as you continue to exercise and watch what you eat you should be fine.

Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can, making sure to wash them so that you don’t ingest harmful herbicides and pesticides that could affect the health of your baby or make your acne worse. Stay away from greasy foods, because your body is already producing extra oil.

Try to eat more healthy fats, such as those found in avocado, almonds, and fish. Drink as many fluids as you can while pregnant, especially water. Water acts as a detoxifier, getting rid of harmful toxins in your body. It also helps curb your appetite so that you eat less of what you are craving.

The good news when it comes to a pregnancy acne treatment is that it not needed if you can have the patience to live with it while you are pregnant. Acne will usually clear up fairly quickly after you have your baby, or after you stop nursing.

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It might seem like your acne is never going away, but if you take care of your skin using the tips above and limit your acne as much as you can during your pregnancy, you will soon have skin that’s even healthier than it was before the baby.

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