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Lose Pregnancy Weight for Health and Looks

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Lose Pregnancy WeightLose Pregnancy Weight

Many new mothers are struggling to find effective ways and help to lose pregnancy weight fast. The process of getting back into shape after pregnancy isn’t easy.

This is because there is a lot of useless information on the internet that doesn’t work or takes too long to yield results.

To be able to lose pregnancy weight fast, you must use effective tips/techniques that yield fast results.

Below are the main effective tips/techniques that will show you how you can lose weight in the shortest time possible.

Four Tips:

1. Being active: This is by far one of the most important tips to note as a new mother. Most new mothers become overwhelmed and tired after giving birth to the extent that they do very little activity.

This is normal however it shouldn’t be the case if you want to lose pregnancy weight fast. Although you might feel sleep deprived and extremely tired, it is important to be active after birth.

Doing mild exercise i.e. walking every day for 10-30 minutes one to six weeks after birth is highly recommended for new mothers who want to lose pregnancy weight fast. After six weeks, one can proceed to do more serious exercises to accelerate pregnancy weight loss. For mothers who have given birth through Caesarean delivery, it is advisable to wait longer before starting serious exercises i.e. up to when the doctor gives a go ahead. Being active is simply the best way to kick-start weight loss after pregnancy.

2. Breastfeeding: This is also another important technique for losing pregnancy weight fast. Most new mothers avoid breastfeeding their babies after a few months and instead prefer feeding their babies with formula milk. This is highly discouraged especially for mothers who want to lose pregnancy weight fast.

One of best natural weight loss techniques after pregnancy is breastfeeding. According to research, breastfeeding mothers need an extra 500 calories or more daily. Breastfeeding burns approximately 750 calories daily thus regular breastfeeding has massive weight loss benefits especially when it is done consistently for months.

There are a few lucky mothers who lose all their pregnancy fat by breastfeeding alone. It is therefore advisable to breastfeed your newborn as much as possible to enjoy fast weight loss benefits and also to keep your baby healthy. It is, however, important to note that you will need another weight loss strategy once you stop breastfeeding because your stand a high chance of regaining weight as your calorie needs to drop.

3. Weight training: After a few months of being active and regular breastfeeding, you also need to start weight training to lose pregnancy weight faster. Weight training is by far the most effective exercise for increasing your metabolism which in turn accelerates weight loss because the body burns up fat faster.

There are very many ways to train using weights after pregnancy that are not too involving i.e. spending hours in the gym. For instance, you can buy weighs and use them at home to do simple but effective weight training techniques.

You can also use your baby to do simple weight training exercises i.e. lifting your baby a few times e.t.c. It is, however, important to consult your doctor or hire the services of a personal trainer especially if you want to do serious weight training exercise using real weights.

4. Eat healthy/watch your calorie and fat intake: This is also a very important tip to consider when you want to lose pregnancy weight fast. You must avoid foods or drinks rich in calories i.e. chips and sodas.

You must also eliminate fad diets. Instead eat foods rich in nutrients and low on fat i.e. lean protein, fresh fruits, whole grains, and vegetables.

According to experts, it is very important to eat healthy first even before considering weight loss. This is because the body after pregnancy is trying to repair itself. You must, therefore, eat healthy/balanced diets. It is also important to watch your fat and calories intake even as you eat healthily.

It is possible to track your calorie intake using calorie calculators that are readily available online. Such calculators help you calculate the exact amount of calories in each type of food. This ensures that you don’t eat excess calories than the daily recommended calorie intake for women which is 1800 to 2400 calories daily.

In summary, the above tips/techniques are adequate enough to help you lose pregnancy weight fast. You only need to consistently follow the above tips/techniques to lose pregnancy weight fast, and as always please, under your doctors’ supervision.

Breast Feeding And Weight Loss:

Additional ways of losing weight – The 2007 review for the AHRQ found: The effect of breastfeeding in mothers on return-to-pre-pregnancy weight was.…Continued…..