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 Safe Pregnancy Exercises

Limiting The Baby Fat!

Safe Pregnancy Exercises

There are safe Pregnancy Workouts that you can and should consider to do while you are pregnant with your child. Getting a hold on weight gain at this time via diet and exercise will not only help in a healthy and more comfortable pregnancy, it will also reap benefits after you give birth.

Following are some tips on the good and not so good exercise routines.

Please check with your doctor before starting any exercise plan!

1. Walking: This is by far one of the safest exercises while pregnant. Walking is not as strenuous as other exercises thus it is good for your baby. Walking is among the safest and most effective cardio exercise effective in improving the capacity of the cardiovascular system. Cardio exercises such as walking are important for pregnant mothers because they improve the body’s oxygen system instead of straining it. Walking also reduces chances of injury associated with other strenuous exercises i.e. running. It’s also a good way to burn calories aiding you in your diet plans.

2. Swimming: Swimming is also another safe exercise under pregnancy workouts. If you are pregnant and you know how to swim, consider swimming because it is a safe exercise for your baby. Swimming is safe because you have a zero chance of injuring your baby through common occurrences i.e. falling on your stomach. Swimming also gives you a better motion range without pressuring your joints. You also don’t feel your weight when swimming which means that you won’t strain and risk chances of hurting your baby. You can also swim until the 9th month meaning that you can exercise safely up to the last week of your pregnancy.

3.Pregnancy Yoga: Yoga is also a safe exercise for pregnant women. Yoga is also beneficial in keeping your joints flexible. Yoga also stimulates circulation, strengthens the muscle system, and keeps you relaxed without posing any real dangers to your unborn baby. It is however important to know your limits when doing Yoga to avoid straining yourself and your baby too much. There are very many yoga exercises safe for pregnant women readily available online. You should consider only the safest although most yoga exercises are safe.

4. Mild weight training: Weight training as a whole isn’t safe for pregnant women however mild weight training is safe.. This is because this type of weight training utilises very mild weights specifically designed for pregnant women. Mild weight training is safe and necessary for pregnant women because it helps them strengthen their body muscles for coping with pregnancy.

5. Squats: This is also another safe and effective exercise to consider for your Pregnancy Workouts. Doing squats is effective in exercising muscles such as hamstrings, glutes and cote muscles. Squats are safe exercises for pregnant women when done the right way i.e. with the help of a fitness expert. For instance, safe squats for pregnant women shouldn’t be done after the 1st trimester if you want the exercise to be safe for your baby i.e. to avoid pressuring your stomach.

Unsafe Pregnancy Exercises:


1. Weight training: As discussed above, normal weight training exercises aren’t safe for pregnancy workouts. This is because they involve heavy weights that are more suited for building as opposed to strengthening muscles. Also normal weight training involves a lot of strenuous lifting which isn’t good for the back of pregnant mothers. Weight training also causes oxygen strain which may pose a danger to the unborn baby.

2. High/low altitude exercises: These kinds of exercises are also not good for pregnant women. An Example of high and low altitude exercises include; skiing, scuba diving, high altitude running e.t.c. Such exercises aren’t safe for pregnant women because they have a tendency of causing difficulties in breathing due to insufficient oxygen supply. These exercises can cause altitude sickness which is harmful to unborn babies.

3. Cycling: Cycling is also another unsafe exercise for pregnant women. This is because cycling puts a lot of pressure on the abdominal area which may strain or exert pressure on the baby. Cycling also comes with high risks of injury i.e. falling on your stomach e.t.c. thus it isn’t a recommendable exercise for pregnant women.

4. Skipping: Skipping is also a very unsafe exercise for obvious reasons. Skipping isn’t a gentle exercise because it involves jumping up and down. You are therefore more likely to injure yourself and your baby skipping than doing other mild exercises i.e. yoga. For instance skipping (jumping up and down) can cause your water to break. Skipping also increases your chances of falling down.

5. Contact exercises/sports: All contact sports/exercises are not safe for pregnant women. Examples of such exercises include; football, basketball, hockey e.t.c. Such exercises have a high risk of injury therefore they should be avoided at all costs by pregnant women.

Consult your doctor before doing any kind of Pregnancy Workout!

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