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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss
Post pregnancy weight loss is a reality you have to face as a mother. It is about being able to retain one’s physical appearance from those ‘pre-pregnancy’ days. It can come across as a daunting task, but is easily doable and is done by numerous new mothers. The challenge is ensuring you are approaching the task with an eye towards health-conscious reasons and a certain determination. Without the two, there is nothing to work from and the challenge becomes harder on its own. Moving away from such pessimistic thoughts, this article will focus on a few tips revolving around this idea of┬áPost Pregnancy weight Loss.

If followed, these tips will go a long way in moving towards that desired ‘prepregnancy’ look.

Breast Feeding

Before looking at what to eat and what to drink, the focus has to be towards the baby. One of the benefits of breast feeding your child comes in the form of enhanced weight loss. The body is designed to feed the newborn baby upon birth and breast feeding is a health conscious decision. This is one of the most effective tools for mothers to quickly see results in the form of fat loss. Breast feeding enables you to gain 300 calories worth of ‘eating space’. This is just another way of intensifying the race towards a healthier body.


Exercise is the key to any weight loss program, the same goes for new mothers. The goal is to get the body functioning towards a healthier lifestyle. The doctor will have encouraged a certain amount of weight gain during the pregnancy, but it is time to shed it. Cardio activities such as running, biking and swimming can go a long way in dropping the excess fat.

Of course, it is pertinent to not force matters and push hard when beginning to exercise. The body requires adjustment to new activities after birth and it is important to ease in. Even if one does not want to spend extra time in the gym, it isn’t necessary. All of the cardio one needs can come in the form of power walking with the stroller. It is akin to hitting two birds with one stone. The baby gets time outside and you take a pleasant trip towards a healthier body.

Drinking Water

The body requires cleansing and there is no better cleanser than water. Drinking an ample amount of water during the day will initiate weight loss. Drinking water is an excellent way of ridding the body of those excess toxins that begin clogging the body. Post pregnancy weight loss can become a difficult proposition, if you are not drinking the required amount of water during the day.

How do you know when enough water has been consumed? The best sign is to look at your own urine in the toilet. If the color is closer to being ‘clear’, this indicates good intake of water. If it is more ‘yellow’, you will have to increase consumption. Never go with the idea of eight glasses of water as it is an arbitrary number and means little as everyone is different.


It is true; your baby will tend to keep you up night. This is the reality of being a new mother and something most mothers have to face. This is not an excuse to move away from weight loss and not getting your sleep. The idea of eight hours of sleep is recommended and is necessary for ensuring the body is able to rest. If the body is having to exert itself for a long period and is not being rested, the results will often be negative. The body can end up storing excess fat and lead to unfortunate fat gain instead of fat loss.

Sleep can be the different between reaching your goals and failing miserably. While, eight hours of sleep cannot always be attained and this is a part of life that has to be expected. This is a goal one should be reaching for when looking to start towards post pregnancy weight loss goals.

One of the best tips for these matters comes in the form of sleeping when your baby sleeps. Newborn babies will always be looking to sleep at certain times of the day and syncing with them can be a major help.

Concluding Thoughts

Post pregnancy weight loss is all about desire and the yearning for a healthier body. The newborn baby is a bundle of joy in your life, but this does not mean your neglect your body. Once the step has been taken, these tips can go a long way in ensuring your move towards your goals with ease.

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