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Discover The Paleo Diet Complete Food List For Ultimate Weight Loss

The theory behind paleo diet is to eat like a caveman and shed pounds as well as develop a strong immune system. According to paleo diet basics writer Dr.Loren Cordain, the food most people eat currently is full of sugars, refined foods, and trans fats and this makes it Paleo Dietthe leading cause of degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, communicable diseases and obesity among many more. Paleo diet is basically a high -protein high -fiber eating plan which accelerates weight loss without cutting down on calories.

The diet contains lists of different types of food varieties that one must eat in high amounts, fair amounts as well as foods that are not to be eaten at all costs. Below is a comprehensive and in-depth detail of paleo diet food list otherwise known as paleo diet food list.

PLEASE remember that this is a strict interpretation of the Paleo Diet. We at Pregnancy Weight Solutions believe that many of the “banned foods” can be tolerated with common sense and moderation. We do not believe in eliminating any basic food group. Stay away from sugar, alcohol, and the bad fats and oils. Also no processed foods!

a) Allowed Foods

1. Paleo Diet Meats

As we all know, meat was the major food source for both hunters and gatherers and it features the most under paleo diet. This diet recommends eating leaner cuts of meat like flank steak and top sirloin. In all circumstances, health experts call for eating of the green-fed beef due to its nutrition contents and leanness.

However, processed meat like hot dogs, sausages and cold cuts must not be eaten due to lots of fats. Here is a list of all the allowable meat to be eaten whenever you are on paleo diet:

i).Lean Beef (Beef without visible Fat)

This includes:

· Lean veal

· Flank steak

· London broil

· Chuck steak

· Lean Hamburger

· Sirloin stick


ii).Lean Pork (with no visible fat)

This includes:

· Pork chops

· Pork tenderloin

· Lean pork

· Any other pork meat with no fat

iii).Lean poultry (white meat with skin removed)

· Turkey breast

· Chicken wings

· Chicken breast

· Legs and thighs of the chicken

iv). Paleo Diet Organ Meats

· Chicken livers, beef, lamb and pork

· All beef and pork marrows

· Pork, beef and pork tongues

v).Paleo Diet Game Meat

These include:

· Goose

· Kangaroo

· Alligator meat

· Ostrich

· Quail

· Elk

· Wild turkey

· Bear

· Turtle


2. Paleo Diet Fish

Since fish contain lots of proteins and omega 3s,they are a must eat when an individual is on paleo diet. They include:

· Mackerel

· Haddock

· Tilapia

· Tuna

· Sardines

· Flatfish

· Perch

· Any other type of fish available

3. Paleo (caveman) Diet Seafood

There exists a great variety of seafood available for a person on paleo diet.

· Crabs

· Oysters

· Lobsters

· Crayfish

· Shrimps

· Scallops

· Craw fish etc


4. Paleo Diet Vegetables

It can be said that all vegetables are available on the caveman diet. Despite this, there are those that have to be taken in high amounts and others in low amounts. Those with high levels of starch such as squashes and potatoes must be eaten only in moderate amounts due to their low nutritional content. The list of these vegetables includes:

· Avocado

· Cabbage

· Broccoli

· Green onions

· Spinach

· Tomato

· Cucumber

· Egg plants

· Mushroom

· Tomato

· Zucchini

· Seaweed

· Lettuce

· celery

· carrots

· pumpkin

5. Paleo Diet (Nuts and Seeds)

According to weight loss professionals, no one is allowed to take more than four ounces of seeds and nuts within a single day. The main reason being that nuts and seeds have very high quantities of fiber, proteins and unsaturated fats. The seeds and nuts allowed on paleo diet are:

· almonds

· peanuts

· hazel nuts

· macadamia nuts

· sunflower seeds

· cashews

· walnuts

6. Paleo Diet Fruits

All fresh fruits must be taken in high amounts while on paleo diet. However, dried ones must be taken in moderation since they contain high levels of glycemic load which brings about high levels of sugar in the body.

· Apple

· Avocado

· Oranges

· Water melons

· Mangoes

· Papaya

· All other fresh fruits

b) Foods That Must Be Eaten In Moderation when on Paleo Diet

1. Paleo Diet Oils

The following oils have to be taken sparingly whenever on paleo diet

· Olive and avocado oils

· Macadamia oils

· Canola oils

· Flaxseed and sunflower oils

2. Beverages

Limit the consumption of:

· Coffee

· Tea

· Beer

· Any brand of alcohol

c) Foods Not To Be Taken at All When on Paleo Diet

1. Dairy Foods

Any dairy food like ice cream, butter, whole milk, yoghurt, cream cheese and any other dairy product is not allowed when observing paleo diet.

2. Legumes

No legumes should be eaten when on paleo diet. These include all bean varieties, lentils, tofu, peas, lupins, mesquite or any other type of legume.

3. Fruit Juices

These include all juices available regardless of the fruit they are made from.

4. Grains.

Avoid lasagna, wheat, pancakes, toast, sandwiches, triscuits and many more grains in order to achieve the expected results when on paleo diet.

5. Starchy Vegetables

Avoid potatoes, yams, yucca, yams, cassava roots and all products made from high starchy vegetables.


6. Salt Containing Foods

Stay away from eating processed meats, dried or smoked fish, sausages, cheese, pickled foods, bacon and all canned fish or meat.

Paleo Diet Facts From The Web:

Authors inspired by the paleo diet philosophy formulate a variety of guidelines including the following Adopt a Paleolithic diet as much as possible plenty.… Continued……


In conclusion, the above allowed and disallowed foods make the paleo diet food list complete. For the diet to work for you, only eat the allowed foods and then avoid the disallowed foods. This will make it easier to achieve the desired weight loss results within a shorter period of time.



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