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Nutrition During Pregnancy 

Your pregnancy is a big blessing to you and your spouse. Not everyone is lucky enough to be blessed with a baby. There are many things you would like to do for your child once he/she comes into your life.

However, at the moment, the best that you can do is to make sure you are healthy because as mentioned in the title, a healthy mommy means a healthy baby. Getting the proper nutrition is essential because it ensures the normal growth and organ development of your little one. In addition to this, you reduce your risks of getting any diseases that may affect your baby while he/she is in your womb or after birth.

Last but not the least, if you are healthy, you can enjoy your pregnancy more. There are many expecting moms out there who are in and out of the hospital because of complications and this is not a joy at all. Your pregnancy is meant to be a joyous moment in your lives.

Starting with this video, are tips on how to practice good nutrition during pregnancy. Always keep the following in mind and you should be able to enjoy every single day of your pregnant life.

Tip 1: Consult Your OBGN Right Away

Once you find out you are pregnant, you need to go to your doctor right away and talk about your nutrition during pregnancy. She will be requesting a series of tests such as CBS’s and urine tests to check if you are deficient of any nutrients so she can prescribe the right vitamins. Also, these tests will determine whether or not you are at risk of any diseases related to pregnancy such as pre-eclampsia, Rh disease, toxoplasmosis, iron deficiency, gestational diabetes and more. After your initial check-up, you will be scheduled for monthly check-ups or when needed.

Tip 2: Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Your weight gain is a good indicator of your health and nutrition during pregnancy. It is great to have your own weighing scale but if it’s fine if you don’t have one because your doctor will be monitoring your weight as well.( Get a Scale!) The normal weight gain for you to have is about 25-35 pounds. You should be gaining at least 1 pound per month during your first trimester and then 1 pound per week during the last 2 trimesters. Obese women are suggested to gain less averaging 0.3 kg per week. Too much weight gain or too little is already an indication of an unhealthy pregnancy.

Tip 3: Nutrients

It is a given that your essential nutrients will be supplied by your prenatal vitamins. However, it is best that you get as much as you can from natural resources. You will need Folate to prevent birth abnormalities. In fact, it is better if you already start taking it before getting pregnant. You can get this from green leafy vegetables and beans. Calcium is for you and your baby’s bone development which you can get from dairy products considering you don’t have any lactose issues. Iodine is required to avoid any brain development problems and for good thyroid function of mom and baby. Omega 3 is needed for the central nervous system and eye development of your baby. Zinc is for the rapid cell growth that occurs during pregnancy which can be found in seafood, nuts, lean meat and many more. Vitamin C is for your immune system to ward off diseases that could affect the baby’s development. Fiber will prevent constipation along with lots of fluid intake to avoid dehydration. All things to consider for your nutrition during pregnancy.

Tip 4: Food Choices

Fish is a great food to consider for your Nutrition During Pregnancy. However avoid shellfish that could have red tide or those that have mercury. Be smart with your seafood choices. If you must eat chicken or meat, make sure they are well done and eaten while warm. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating them. If there are moldy vegies or fruits, throw them out right away. Don’t just cut off the moldy parts. Eggs should also be cooked very well because it might also contain salmonella. When you love eating out, don’t do it too often. As much as possible, eat out sparingly because it is still best to prepare your own food. It is okay to give in to your cravings once in a while because that is one of the joys of pregnancy but prioritize eating healthy and exercising.

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Nutrition and pregnancy refers to the nutrient intake and dietary planning that is undertaken before during and after pregnancy.…

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