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How To Keep Weight Off After Losing It

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Keeping That Weight Off – Tips And Rules

You gained weight. Maybe because of pregnancy or some bad habits. Now it’s Keep Weight Off After Losing Itgone.Congratulations!!  However, how do you keep weight off after losing it?? All that hard work will for naught if you do not react now to the situation! There are lots of shortcuts, but it comes down to healthy living and a change of habits.

Be Realistic On The Future

Focus on the here and now for weight loss. Be positive on what you could and should be doing day in and day out.

Be specific about your goals. Write them down in a food journal and use them as affirmations to help you get from day to day. Put that list on a mirror so you can keep an eye on yourself and the word at the same time.

Most of all is honest. Keep track of what you eat and understand what you should and should not be eating. If you really want to keep weight off after losing it, honesty is essential.

Exercise Helps Keep Weight Off After Losing It

Make a daily commitment to exercise the same time every day. Start a habit.

Morning exercise has been shown in studies to increase your motivation to eat clean and healthy throughout the day and sets a good habit pattern in place for the future.

Exercise also increases endorphins, the brain chemical that elevates your happiness and productivity.

Weight Loss Tips From The Web:

Los Angeles Times. Exercise won’t necessarily help you lose weight but it will help you keep it off. But exercise does play a key role It helps keep weight off once you’ve lost it. Since 1994 Hill has tracked more than 10,000 people in the National Weight Control Registry who shed an average of 66 pounds each and kept it off for more than five years. and more.… read on……….

Do Not Weigh Yourself Daily

Staring at that number can give you a false start to your day. Do it only once a week for a more accurate representation.

Stop Skipping Meals

Eat a healthy and balanced breakfast.Start the day off right. It will give a boost to your metabolism.

Focus on protein and fiber at each meal. This type of habit will allow you to burn more fat during the day and at workouts.

Closing Thoughts 

If you really want to keep weight off after losing it, setting goals, staying realistic, eating in moderation and smartly, will keep you looking and feeling at your very best.

Keep yourself in check and put your needs first every day when you get up in the morning.

With a simple philosophy, you will not fail!

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