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 Energy Nutrition: Tips and Ideas

Energy nutrition, A fun day


While focusing on energy nutrition together with regular exercise generally is a way of preventing you from looking older than you are, other methods exist in the quest to be stay young and healthy, both in appearance and physicality.

Of the things you can do and the steps you can take to better your living, 5 particular habits are good habits that can help you stay looking and feeling young and healthy.

The first of these “Good habits” is getting in the habit of wearing gloves when you wash the dishes. The dishes are something you always have to do, just like brushing your teeth or taking out the trash. When those dishes pile up after a big meal, put on a pair of dish-washing gloves to protect your hands and nails.

Your hands are often said by many to be a determining factor in how old we appear to be, if your hands are wrinkly and or worn looking due to such chores as dish-washing, the appearance of the hands may make you seem older than you actually are.

365 15 Dry Skin

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Hot water exposure and dish soap can make our hands dry and strip away the precious oils that keep our hands fresh and lubricated. Without gloves your hands may become parched, cracked and irritated. Wearing gloves will help to protect the natural barrier of your skin and prevent wear on the surface of your hands.

Another thing you can do is maintain good and consistent sleeping habits and patterns. Particularly during weekends and holidays, many of us have a hard time readjusting to our normal daily routines and schedules.

Not sleeping enough, sleeping less than the recommended amount has been found to be a cause of the acceleration of the aging of your skin. Whenever you are deprived of sleep, you may have dark circles under your eyes but that is only temporary, the effects of long term sleep deprivation are much worse.

One study conducted revealed that the lack of sleep increased the appearance and visibility of wrinkles and fine lines and also the skin’s natural ability to repair itself from damage caused by the sun’s potentially harmful UV rays.

Lack of sleep

You might be tempted to stay up late watching TV and Movies but doing so will counteract any efforts to maintain youthfulness in looking and feeling good. Since your sleep patterns can easily be disturbed, it is recommended that you go to bed 15 minutes earlier to make sure that you get the right amount of sleep.

You also should avoid caffeine after you have had your morning coffee as well as napping and last but not least make sure your bedroom area is as comfortable as possible.

If you wear makeup, you should not sleep with it on. Sleeping with your makeup on is a very bad habit that occurs during weekends when most people go out. Such laziness however can result in nasty effects on your skin.

Dermatologists have said that sleeping with makeup on may increase exposure to free radicals while breaking down collagen and causing premature aging. Also if your pores get clogged you may end up with bad acne.

Taking an extra minute to wash off your face is worth doing so, you can also use make up wipes before going to bed.

Using a fitness tracker to keep a log of your meals is also a good habit to get into. Often we may not be getting the results of our exercise and diets because we have miscalculated how much we really eat.

You can use a fitness tracking app or keep a food diary to log your meals and count calories and the like. One study has shown that women who kept a log of their meals lost more weight than other who did not.


Staying on top of things and keeping track of what you do can help significantly.

The use of hair-styling tools also can be counteractive. Hair says a lot about your age, whether you are a gray or not. If your hair is thinning you may be tempted to use straighteners and other hair products to make yourself look younger.

However you should know that too many styling products can damage your hair’s cuticle and make you more prone to breakage as you become less healthy looking. Try to use hair products three times a week or less, perhaps only when you have a hot date or big interview.



Lastly, keep in mind that your hair needs SPF protection just like your skin needs it.



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