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Some Artificial Sweetener Facts To Consider

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Still Using Artificial Sweeteners?artificial sweetener facts

If you are, then you need some artificial sweetener facts for a much more healthier opinion, because of those sweeteners if used, is unhealthy for you in the long run. Your job is to find healthier alternatives to aspartame and learn the right way on how to substitute sugar in your diet.

We will try to help.

Some Artificial Sweetener Facts:

  • Let’s get on the same page: Artificial sweeteners include Sweet ‘n Low, Equal, Sugar Twin, Splenda, Sunett, Aspartame, and Neotame.
  • They are anything except for table sugar which is known as sucrose.
  • Artificial sweeteners will be anything other than sucrose, glucose, and high fructose corn syrup.
  • Real sugar may go by a lot of names such as agave, rice syrup, corn syrup, etc. Read labels.
  • Natural sweeteners may be misleading because many are still processed in manufacturing labs and may contain added ingredients such as harsh chemicals.
  • They often contain no calories, fats, or sugar grams, however, they do not offer any nutritional content for your health.
  • Studies have shown that using artificial sweeteners will actually enhance your craving for sugar.

Side Effect Facts of Artificial Sweeteners 

  • Studies have shown that artificial sweeteners can both cause weight gain and weight loss.It depends on how often you use sweeteners and how many at once you are using. Your goal is to get into the habit of refusing that sweet tooth.
  • Research also shows that artificial sweeteners may cause you to crave more calories in the form of sugar. You might find yourself craving more sugar throughout the day.
  • Because these sweeteners do not satisfy your bodies real cravings, you run the risk of causing obesity due to over indulging to make up for that.
  • Artificial sweeteners are speculated to cause cancer. A study has shown that saccharin caused cancer in lab rats. Another study was shown to cause leukemia in lab rats fed aspartame.
  • Studies have shown a connection between low birth weight and the consumption of excessive artificial sweeteners.

Healthy Alternatives

Don’t fret. Although those artificial sweetener facts are quite depressing, there are alternatives to satisfy that sweet tooth.

  • There is honey rich in niacin, protein, vitamin B6, iron, and amino acids. Also no fat or cholesterol.
  • Stevia is all the new rage. It comes from a plant and unlike sugar is safe for diabetics. Stevia has no calories and does not affect blood levels.
  • Agave nectar is another naturally sweet alternative. Like honey, it is loaded with nutrients and is lower on the glycemic index. Use can use it for baking and in your hot tea.

More Artificial Sweetener Facts From the Web

Healthline. Artificial Sweeteners May Encourage Fat Production. As more Americans turn to artificial sweeteners to reduce their sugar consumption scientists are beginning to explore how the substitutes react in the body. A study unveiled last week concluded that some artificial sweeteners may hinder our metabolism.… read on……


Closing Sweetener Facts

Always check the labels of the foods you are buying. Drinking beverages or eating foods that state ‘no sugar added’ does not mean you are home free.Check to see how many grams of sugar are included in a single serving.

Sugar is a comfort food and should be eliminated altogether or at the very least used in moderation. Artificial sweeteners should not be used at all.

Consider the alternatives for your health and the health of others.

We welcome any comments, questions, or concerns.

Thank you for reading.

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