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Arm Toning to Fight Flab and Cellulite

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 Arm Toning Exercises and Routine

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If you want to tone your arms and get them into a sexy look, you need to do some arm toning exercises. Here are some of the best arm toning exercises to make your arms look less flabby, leaner, and sexier.

Bar Bell Bicep Curl

The barbell bicep curl should be one arm toning exercise that is in your regular routine. This exercise lets you use heavy weights and is also one of the easiest exercises to do correctly. What you need to do is stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and simply lift the barbell up.

Remember to lift up your chest making your shoulders lower than it, but also keep your back straight. When you curl the barbell, make sure that you are curling it up to just slightly above your pectoral muscles.

Always lower the barbell down slowly. Do not move your elbows during this arm toning exercise. Instead, keep them solidly next to your side.

Alternate Dumb Bell Curl

Another great arm toning exercise is the alternate dumb bell curl. This is great because it lets you focus on one arm at a time so that you can rest the other arm.

Because of this, you can usually handle more weight while simultaneously perfecting your technique.

What you need to do is hold two dumb bells with your back straight. Using the same position as with the regular barbell curl, curl one dumb bell to your shoulder like you are trying to curl it all the way past your shoulder. By doing this, you will get a tighter contraction.

On the way down, slowly lower the dumb bell as you rotate it until it is in resting position by your side. Repeat on the other side. Always remember to do this arm toning exercise slowly and with great control.

Skull Crushers

Another fantastic arm toning exercise is a skull crusher. This exercise focuses on the triceps. If you do this exercise correctly, you will quickly start to see results; however, if you do it incorrectly, you could very easily injure yourself. What you need to do is lie flat on a bench with a light barbell.

Lift this weight over your head while you face your palms to the roof. Shift the weight to the back as if you were going to drop it on the floor behind your head. Your triceps should be pointing behind you and not straight up.

Lift your weight up making your arm straight. Lower it slowly until you feel a deep stretch.

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These arm toning exercises will have you looking great in no time!

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