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Stop Hunger Pains and Lose Some Weight

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Ways To Stop Hunger Pains

You want to lose weight, but you need to stop hunger pains before you can accomplish that.

Sounds all to familiar?stop hunger pains

Changing your lifestyle when it involves old eating habits will not be some an easy task to tackle.

Some weight loss motivation will be much needed!

Hunger pains are going to happen. Your willpower will be severely tested. You can expect that when it comes to changing your eating habits and sorry to say there is no way to way of escaping that. After all, you are asking your body to work on less. Less than what it is used too. And if you think about it, way more than it really needed!

Fortunately, with some simple, however smart techniques, you can motivate yourself and then manage your hunger better and reduce the chances that a craving sends you flying off the diet entirely.

Different ideas work for different people, so try a few of the following to see what gives you the best results.

Stop Hunger Pains Tips:

    • Try not to eat while watching TV. Instead, sip some hot tea. Hot liquids tend to sooth the stomach and reduce hunger. Maybe read a book instead of TV. Your mind is better entertained while reading a book or magazine.
    • In between meals snack on raw vegetables. Your mind will be satisfied that you are chewing on something. Also, you will be loading up on some very low-calorie fiber which naturally reduces those hunger pains.
    • Every meal you eat should contain some protein. It helps slow the rate of digestion to help you feel full longer. It also helps manage blood sugar level.
    • Fats are not evil! Consume healthy fats in moderation. Healthy fats added to your diet will assist you with optimal hunger control.
    • Drink more water. You heard or read that a thousand times. Just do it. Fill that stomach up with much-needed water. maybe add some lemon. It will give you a full feeling. Stay away from diet sodas. Please! Read the ingredient list on those. Yikes! You do not want those things in your system.
    • Eat regularly. Seems counterproductive on a weight loss diet, however having some ‘flex foods’ in between meals will help you through this. Raw veggies, nuts, fruits are OK. Just remember moderation.
    • At all costs, avoid processed foods. Read labels. All those chemicals tend to increase hunger making it all the more difficult to stick with your diet.
    • Eat and enjoy a healthy breakfast. Remember protein. Eggs are OK. So is a couple slices of bacon with your cereal. Put some leftover protein from lasts night dinner over those grits. Chicken, fish, etc. with some hot sauce over grits….does not get much better. A healthy breakfast will help reduce and control your hunger during the day.
    • Try chewing some gum. Fool your brain into thinking you are eating something. Sometimes, that all it takes.

The One Solution To Lose Weight

Year after year, time and time again, you ask yourself the same question: How to lose weight? So how is that New Years resolution going? Give up already? Stuck in neutral?
How To Lose Weight

There is only one way or idea on how to lose weight. And that way is unreachable to many people. Especially people who throw their arms up in the air and say to themselves and to the world “I can’t lose weight. I tried that. I can’t stop hunger pains! It just does not work for me”

Discipline is the suppression of base desires and is usually understood to be synonymous with restraint and self-control. Self-discipline is to some extent a substitute for motivation.¬†¬†Discipline is when one uses reason to determine the best course of action regardless of one’s desires, which may be the opposite of fun”.Wikipedia

Yes, that’s the one-way idea on how to lose weight…..Discipline!

It did not take you overnight, weeks, months, or even maybe years to get to the weight your at now. However, it is no surprise that most everyone gives up after only several weeks or even days after they start. And after they have most likely been misled into the wrong type of weight loss program.

Such as the ones which send you a monthly supply of ‘healthy food portions’. An expensive way to go, however, I never ever seen the correct outcome for most people. Think about it. You got overweight and struggle to lose it because of lack of discipline.

Your sitting in front of 30 days worth of ‘healthy food’ and will most likely eat through all 30 days worth in 20 days.

Lack of discipline.

Your mind most likely thinks the meals are all healthy and proportioned. How can I lose the battle?

Not to mention you most likely will cheat in between meals with some chips or a granola bar, or two, or three.Weight loss will power

Then the last 10 days you will eat what you would eat without the plan thinking you will do better the next month.

You not only lost the battle to stop hunger pains, you lost the whole war on weight loss plus some hard earned money.

I know it’s something you don’t want to here, but how are those resolutions going?

And that is just one of the many pricey weight loss and or restrictive type of programs out there.

Your weight loss quest does not have to be so expensive or restrictive.

It’s all about changing your life with discipline. That’s how to lose weight!

If you have any questions or comments please let me know here!

Try some of those tips and ideas to help you stay motivated during this weight loss quest.

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