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Counting Calories Diet 101: Weight Control

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Still Counting Calories For Weight Control?

There are experts coming out the woodwork when it comes to a counting calories diet.

There is the right way……there is the wrong way.A Counting Calories Diet

If you are still using a counting calorie chart you found on the Googlenet as your only measure of losing weight or trying to achieve a healthy feeling, read on.

Not all the calories on that counter are created equal which it is wise not to use them as a means to an end.

And while reading you think to yourself ‘I know and did all this and it does not work’, I will give you the reason why at the end of this post.

Let’s explore this.

What Are Calories

A single calorie is how one unit of energy is measured in the food you consume.

You are going to lose weight by using up as much energy: ie. calories as possible. Do not do this and the extra calories consumed will become excess: ie. FAT

Remember that calories are in just about everything you eat and drink: bread, cake, and cookies, coffee with the extras (milk and sugar), and even that Vitamin Water stuff.

The Food and Drug Administration has concluded that there is a 40 percent inaccuracy when it comes to looking at those calorie charts.

How Many Calories Burned?

The number one reason for gaining weight is overeating. But you knew that! However, did you know that no matter how active you are, you will gain weight if you consume more calories than you burn off?Burning calories 101

On your feet and walking all day at your job? That does not give you the go-ahead for wine and cheese after work if you want to lose weight.

To lose just 1 pound you have to burn off an extra 3,500 calories. Sorry, I did not make the rules. However, it’s your weight to lose. Remember who put that weight on.

The good news is that you are always burning calories, while you are even sitting, sleeping, and (believe it or not) while you are stuffing your face!

And look at this: studies have found that you easily lose up to 10% of your caloric intake by just breathing, talking, and walking. (So how come I know some overweight extroverts?)

Women should for the most part stick with 1,500 calories per day. Men should limit their intake to 2,00-2,500 on average. (That is not sexist, just nature. Sorry ladies)

If you need to lose weight, you should reduce your daily caloric intake by 500 calories. By doing so you can expect one pound a week weight reduction. A safe and reasonable goal.

Just remember that the less you consume, the less you will have to burn off. It comes down to willpower and determination.

It’s Not All About Equal Calories

This is very important: do not just look at a number of calories you are about to eat.

And before I myself lost 40 pounds, I never paid it much mind.

For example, a 300 calorie bowl of oatmeal is not the same as a 300 calorie candy bar. The candy bar is just plain detrimental to your health. It contains loads of saturated fats and white sugar which are a lot harder to work off than that bowl of oatmeal.

Take in all your calories from healthy sources such as fiber-rich legumes, fruits, leafy greens, coffee(yes coffee), lean meats, and whole grain foods such as bread and pasta.

Drink lots of water. No calories there and it will not only keep you well hydrated, it will help you stave off those hunger pangs by filling that stomach of yours. eight large (12 oz.) glasses per day.

Please do not starve yourself. It is counterproductive in the long run. You need to change your eating habits for the long haul.

For the rest of your life.

Get comfortable eating correctly. Starving yourself will send the wrong signals to your body. Signals which imply you are starving. Your body will compensate by burning fewer calories.

And that will really test your willpower.

A test you do not need.

Counting Calories Solutions

Record your eating habits. That is easy now for smartphones. Start a food journal. In your smartphone. You have it on all day anyway. Put it to some good use other than the gossip stuff on social media. I record my weight on it every day.

Add up those calories every day.

Set realistic goals. If you want to lose 1 pound per week, cut out those 500 calories per day.

A Counting Calories Diet Reality

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, make each and every calorie count.

Remember that a 500 calorie slice of cake is not the same as a 500 calorie egg breakfast.

And if you follow these guidelines and you claim that nothing including this will not work for you? Here is why:

It’s not your genes, it most likely is not some self-imposed ‘thyroid thing’, or slow metabolism.

It is your patience.

You go into losing weight full speed ahead with all the willpower and determination you can muster.

After a few weeks, you quit.

You do not understand that for most of you, losing 20, 30, 50 pounds takes months. Months. Not weeks. Months!

Sorry. Get over it.

It will be a lot easier for you if you get your mind into thinking about eating right for the rest of your life is the only solution.

The right solution.

Learn how to eat right.

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