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How To Lose Weight How do I lose weight

Several years ago my weight was out of control. I was pushing a 40″ waistline, weighing over 250 pounds and feeling terrible about it. I started asking the question ‘how do I lose weight’?

If you were to type that question into Google as I did, you come up with over 77,000,000 answers. Yikes! Where do you go from there?

There are all kinds of answers in that search list, such as ‘lose weight fast’, ‘lose weight quickly’, ‘lose up to 20lbs. a month’, ’16 ways to lose weight fast’, and so on and so on………

Lets get one thing straight……there is no fast track to weight loss…..period.

The way I lost my weight was by understanding several things. I needed an education, I knew it would take time, and I needed a plan.

Planning For Weight LossWeight Loss Plan

Plans are a dime a dozen. Sometimes a lot more than a dime. You see them all the time in newspaper ads, on the side bar of internet pages. Most of them don’t work because they are just too hard to maintain. Yes maintain.

Maintain for the rest of your life. 

It’s just not right to expect yourself to have some company send you their food every week, or adding up points every day for the rest of your life.

You need a life change. You need to understand what foods are good for you and why, and also what foods are bad for you and why. If you want to lose weight and keep it off you need to educate yourself on food. Only in this way will you lose weight and keep it off!

You want to go through this every other year?

This website is here for you to get educated and maybe help you with some motivation. Long term motivation. That’s what you will need. It will not take weeks. It will take months. Lots of them. If you want to do it right.It took me about 6 months to lose 40 lbs. I have not gained it back because I changed my eating habits.I educated myself. If you need to lose more, it will take longer, get over it.

So many people that I talked to about losing weight tell me they tried everything and it did not work. Well it takes more than 2 or 3 weeks. They give up. They did not have a plan or motivation. Strong motivation starts when you have an education on how food works on your body.

There are many plans on this site. The one I used for an education on weight loss and how to go about it is right here. Part of the headline is “30 Days” Understand that is 30 days and you will feel a difference in body and mind. It’s a start. It might be far from over. However, it is a great start and one which will continue to work. It can’t fail. If it does, well, that’s on you. Do not give up!

How To Lose Weight News:

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